New Home Remodeling


Regardless of the size and budget of any project, we dedicate the same effort to provide premium value and service to ensure every project exceeds expectations.

The management systems and processes we’ve built and perfected over the years allows us to efficiently manage and support any project from the preliminary architectural stage through construction, closeout and beyond.  With a true commitment to excellence our goal is to build a lasting relationship that extends long after the completion of your project.


As with the creation of anything new, the most important time in product development is the planning stage.  Just as you would make a business plan for a new business or product to project your goals, the reasons those goals are attainable, and plans for reaching them, the same applies to your construction project. The more you can prepare and organize your visions and goals, the more likely you can eliminate or reduce surprises.

To help guide you through the planning process we like to get involved in the early phases of the design-build process where a collaborative effort between you the client, the design professionals and us the contractor can carefully identify the vision and overall goals to find the best way to proceed (this is of course not always necessary or practical, but when possible it proves to be very beneficial).


Once we have worked through the initial planning stage and everyone has an overall vision, we will move forward into the Pre-Construction phase and the design team will create preliminary plans.  At this point we can further clarify the scope of work, identify any areas of concern and establish a Pre-Construction timeline and estimate.  Through this process the team will be able to assist in value engineering recommendations such as:

  • Advice on permitting requirements
  • Building methods & assemblies
  • Building materials
  • Fixtures, finishes, details etc.

This is crucial to ensure your design, budgetary and scheduling goals will be met as we are creating a map and plan for the architectural, landscape, civil, and structural development to move into the permitting process.

Once final architectural and engineering plans are completed we will revise costs and scheduling for any changes or revisions that are necessary. Now with a complete set of working plans and clear scope of work we will send out bid requests to our extensive list of proven sub-contractors to submit competitive bids for their respective work.

Once your project is permitted, we will once again review and adjust for any revisions or changes that are necessary, finalize contract documents, then get started!


As construction begins Fahrenkrug Construction’s continued coordination and collaboration with the client and the design team provide an efficient and enjoyable process all the way through.

This is where we thrive! With the utmost importance on attention to detail, organization and communication you and your project will be in good hands!

Throughout the course of construction you can expect:

  • A well managed, organized and clean job site
  • Diligent and organized administrative management to ensure all contract documents, finish schedule documents, scheduling, ordering etc. are all responsibly managed
  • Professional and courteous managers, employees and tradesman
  • Ongoing client and design team meetings
  • To feel peace of mind knowing that we are here to help guide you and your project every step of the way!
  • An enjoyable and exciting experience!


As your project comes to completion we carefully and thoroughly inspect every detail to ensure you project meets our strict standards and is 100% complete and operational. We will walk you through your new project to ensure you have a full understanding of the new systems and operations and will provide you with closeout documentation which provides all system documents, manuals, warranty documents, emergency procedures and ongoing maintenance items.


As previously stated our goal to build lasting relationships.  We want you to feel that always have the peace of mind knowing you can turn to us time and time again whether its general maintenance, to add-on or build another house!